Neighbour leaves rude note asking woman to take her washing inside as it looks ‘tacky’

A woman was stunned after one of her neighbours left a note demanding that she remove her washing from the line outside as it looks “tacky” – but she got revenge with a message of her own

Neighbours can either be the greatest people on the planet or an absolute nightmare, depending on who they are and where you live.

We’ve seen many stories lately that involve neighbours and their behaviour getting out of line and now another one has been shared.

An unnamed woman from Melbourne, Australia, has gone viral after she told how she was surprised to receive a note from her neighbour requesting that she take her clothes airer full of washing inside because it looks “tacky” outdoors.

Addressed only to a ‘tenant’ the message rude read: “Tenant, is your washing dry?

“Can you please remove it from outside as it looks tacky.”

The writer added a smiley face at the end of the note, possibly to soften the blow.

But instead of doing as the neighbour asked, the furious woman decided to retaliate and replied with a note of her own.

Featuring a meme of Nicolas Cage at the top, the response says: “Dear note writer, is your humanity broken?

“Can you please be a little more understanding of those that do not have the blessings you apparently possess.

“Not everyone living in Elsternwick is of an income where they can A) run a dryer AND currently afford to ear or B) even be ‘able-bodied’ enough every day to put their own washing away immediately due to disability.”

They added: “Your attitude is not only a little tacky but insensitive to the well-being of your neighbours.”

It was signed off by ‘The Tenants’.

Snaps of both letters were shared on Reddit by a user named @miss_omnibus where many were shocked that someone would complain about a neighbour’s washing.

One person said: “I can’t understand the thought process of having a problem with seeing washing hung out on a line to dry.”

Someone else wrote: “Sorry you have s**t neighbours. That is one of the worst things to deal with.”

However, others were sympathetic to the original note writer, agreeing that washing on the line ‘wasn’t a look’.

A different user shared a snippet from an etiquette guide from the 1800s, which read: “Exposing children to hanging undergarments and unmentionables can have traumatic effects on their upbringing, and reduce their capacity for being a desirable partner when coming of age.

“I read it in an etiquette guide from the 1860s.”