After Senior Had No Candy For Trick-or-Treaters the Kids Returned With Gifts for Her

During spooky season in Italy, you’ll often hear people say, “Dolcetta or Scherzetta,” meaning “a little sweet or a little joke.” Well, a great-grandmother in the UK recently had three little sweeties arrive at her door, and they gave her the best Halloween of her life.

When three children by the names of Jessie, Olivia, and Walter arrived at the Newcastle home of 86-year-old Brenda Burdon, she said with regret that she didn’t have any treats to give them.

The children replied, “It’s okay, because sometimes making people happy and getting a nice big smile is reward enough.”

They went to the shop, bought some chocolates, a card, a pack of muffins, and a £10 note—which they brought to her door the very next day.

The kids addressed their card to “The Kind Lady.”

Alongside doodles of pumpkins and smiley faces, they wrote, “Thank you for being so kind. Hope your life gets better as you go on… “

Burdon’s family said they’ve been amazed at the kindness of the kids, and that the senior has been “lost in happiness” since meeting the trio.

Danny Parker, Brenda’s grandson, told the BBC the family has bought the kids some presents in exchange for their generosity—and are keen to return the money so the children can spend it on something nice for themselves. That’s a sweet move indeed.